Certificate of Deposit (CD)

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Turn Time Into Money

Ready to earn more with your cash? Choose your term and see bigger returns from fixed rates with a Certificate of Deposit (CD). We have lots of term options available, but typically, the longer the term, the more you earn with interest that compounds and credits monthly. These accounts could also increase your share of our Profit Payout1, which puts even more money back in your wallet.

Certificate (CD) Rates

Traditional CD

Rate as high as 0.55% APY2

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Saver 12-Month CD

Rate as high as 0.30% APY3

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Term (In Months) Interest Rate APY
60 0.55% 0.55%
48 0.45% 0.45%
36 0.40% 0.40%
30 0.40% 0.40%
24 0.35% 0.35%
18 0.35% 0.35%
15 0.30% 0.30%
14 0.40% 0.40%
12 0.30% 0.30%
9 0.30% 0.30%
6 0.25% 0.25%
3 0.20% 0.20%

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Saver Certificate (CD)

Start saving with as little as $50.

Our most flexible Certificate of Deposit (CD). With a low minimum deposit, you can still see big returns on a 12-month term3. Plus, you’ll also enjoy these great benefits:
  • Flexibility: Add to it at any time.
  • Convenience: Track and build your balance in Online Banking.
  • Guaranteed Return: Earn returns over a 12-month term.
  • Automatic Transfer: Set up a weekly or monthly automatic transfer to funnel additional funds.
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Which Certificate (CD) is Right For You?


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See the potential interest growth and tax liability on your Certificate of Deposit.
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Savings Growth Calculator

Use this calculator to determine the future value of your current savings.
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Profit Payout

We share our profit with our members.

As a not-for-profit credit union, we return our profit to those who bank with us in many ways—like better rates, lower fees and our Profit Payout1. This year we gave back a record-breaking $9 million to our members. It’s all part of how we make the unbelievable happen.
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