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Planning for a Strong Financial Future

Our IRA options are one of the best ways to start planning for your future, while also reducing your taxes. CommunityAmerica offers Roth, Educational, Traditional and Certificate IRAs. As always, you’ll need to consult with your tax advisor regarding specifics of any possible tax deductibility.

Whether your priority is higher rates of return1, flexibility or even saving for your child’s education, we can help you find the right IRA account for you. You’re also able to choose a Certificate CD, Money Market or Savings account type.

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Roth IRA

Not only do you get the tax benefit of withdrawing your earnings tax free (if you meet age and account requirements), but you can also use your contributions before retirement for qualified special purposes, if needed. Plus, our Roth IRAs offer competitive interest rates with a guaranteed rate of return.

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Profit Payout

We share our profit with our members.

As a not-for-profit credit union, we return our profit to those who bank with us in many ways—like better rates, lower fees and our Profit Payout2. This year we gave back a record-breaking $9 million to our members. It’s all part of how we make the unbelievable happen.
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Wealth Management

Our Wealth Advisors can help you create a financial plan3.
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High Interest Savings

Grow your money faster at a rate of up to 4.00% APY4 on balances up to $1,500.

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Select Money Market

Enjoy a higher rate of return, plus the flexibility of liquid funds.
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